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While I admit this has nothing to do with my project.. I do host a SMALL blender binary for linux as I am a member of the blender community... it shouldnt affect resources in a significant way, and if it becomes a problem for staff.. email me (ray4552000 A.T YAHOO D.O.T C.O.M NO SPAMBOTS PLEASE).

Sorry P3 users, P3 builds of tuhopuu2 will be up tomarrow
Next build date is 20040104 have phun now!

Blender @ 20040105 (Optimized for AMD(R) AthlonXP(tm))
Tuhopuu2 @ 20040103 (Optimized for AMD(R) AthlonXP(tm))
Blender @ 20040103 (Optimized for Intel(R) Pentium(tm) 3)

Did you miss the optimization requests?? I'll be offering them next month on #blenderchat on, my nick is Vivi_ or ray455.
I dont do Windows builds, nor do I build anything other than Linux/x86.. I can optimize for any x86 based processor however ^_^. I may be getting an Alpha system soon so that spec of possibly may or may not be open.

Blender Makefiles

Stick these into your blender sourcedir and you'll be able to compile blender successfully, and as an added bonus I have included optimized versions of my hacked makefile for the two most popular processors (AthlonXP and Intel P3)
I hear it increases rendertimes by 300%.

The QuickFix for the CVS Error

In a recent checkout (20040103) of blender, there is an error which does not allow it to compile, I have made a fix to solve this error. and to top it all off it's not a patch!! w000t. ^_^

Runs great on

Some more blender related stuff can be found at TzuRay Teknology A company for which I am the co-owner.

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